As publisher of Revitalization News Storm is on top of the latest trends in urban / rural regeneration, nature restoration, and economic resilience.
As a speaker and trainer, he connects individuals, institutions & communities to opportunities & resources in the $3 trillion global restoration economy.
As a consultant, Storm helps technologists, financiers, policymakers and philanthropists create products, services, and strategies that rebuild our world.


“I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews about your keynote at our 2016 Summer School, Storm.
Your strategy of repurposing, renewing, and reconnecting hit home with many in the room,
and will hopefully be reflected in the preservation work we see throughout Maryland.”

– Margaret De Arcangelis, Preservation Services Director, Preservation Maryland

“Storm: thank you so much for your keynote at our 2015 Convene For Green! It was a very successful event and you played no small roll in that! You did a great job re-energizing the crowd after lunch. I heard tons of complements about your talk and attendees really enjoyed your perspective and your 3Re strategy.”
– Lauren Boitel, Executive Director, Green Chips: Southern Nevada Sustainability Summit

“Storm hit the nail on the head! His keynote at our annual event couldn’t have been better: riveting,
humorous, & poignant. The audience was engaged, educated, & entertained.”

– Eva Friesen, CEO, The Calgary Foundation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Your presentation at our 7th Annual Growing Sustainable Communities Conference (500 attendees, from 3 countries, 21 states, and 100 cities) was exceptional and right on the mark!”
– Michael Van Milligen, City Manager, Dubuque, Iowa

Thanks for an inspiring keynote to the 2000 folks at the national Computers in Libraries conference in Washington, DC! We haven’t stopped thinking and talking about your presentation on “Libraries as community revitalizers”.
– Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz, Knowledge Manager, Cleveland Public Library


Storm: your keynote presentation at the inaugural Americans for Community Development National Conference (Evanston, IL) was the highlight of the event. Well done. We hope to bring you back to keynote next year, as well.
– Michael J. Zimmer, attorney, Thompson Hine LLP, Washington, DC

Hi, Storm. We had another successful annual conference last month with speakers from South Africa and India. Last night we had a board meeting to summarize the event. All agreed that out of the 6 international keynote speakers we’ve had in the last 3 years, you were the best!

Amos Brandeis, Chairman, Israel Planners Association

Thank you immensely for contributing to the success of the third annual Hamilton Economic Summit. Feedback in response to your engagement process, keynote message, and follow-through has been uniformly positive across our community. Civic leaders appreciated your advance visit to Hamilton to meet with them to learn first-hand about our aspirations for community renewal and various key projects now underway. This valuable homework clearly helped you localize your myriad pre-summit media engagements as well as address key challenges and opportunities during your summit presentation. Most important, your genuine, informed, and respectful approach has created early ties we hope will translate into a long term working relationship centred on advancing Hamilton’s renewal goals.
Richard W. Allen, Managing Director, Hamilton (Ontario) Economic Summit
(facilitated by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce).

Storm Cunningham offers one of the most comprehensive blueprints to the revitalization of a city. – Yew-Thong Leong, OAA, MRA,IC, FIIAS
Associate Professor of Architecture / Program Coordinator – Programs in Architecture
Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, CANADA

I will be honest: I was prepared to be pretty skeptical about Storm Cunningham’s Albany 2030 lecture last Thursday. …Whether Cunningham has really discovered anything new, or just figured out how to package and explain some stuff that is old hat to some of us so that people will listen, I’m really glad he came to Albany, because he said a lot of things we need to take seriously.
…there was one nearly universal point to all his stories whose relevance for Albany was unmistakable. To quote: ‘If you have a great body of water, and you’re not revitalizing, something’s wrong.’
– excerpt from article in Metroland Online (Capital Region of New York) by journalist and community development consultant Miriam Axel-Lute

Very informative, and so encouraging to hear good news about progressive approaches…being used around the world. You (Storm) very effectively used cartoons & other graphics. I found your talk completely refreshing and energizing, as well as amusing. Although urban revitalization is a serious topic, your clever use of humor dispels many of the myths and spotlights the utter absurdity of the “status quo” school of community renewal. I work with serious issues of public safety, delinquency, and crime prevention, and sometimes forget how humor can so effectively be used to make a point. I am so impressed that the City of Albany…has engaged this visionary team of planners and consultants.

– Lorraine Hogan, concerned citizen

“Dear Storm: Thank you for all that you contributed to the Nova Scotia regional revitalization event in our little fishing village of 650 people. The turnout was fantastic! Your talk covered a huge scope, and offered so much more than we were expecting. I have had numerous people come up to me and tell me how valuable it was. But this event was more than a valuable learning experience for all of us: Lockeport really needed your strong dose of revitalization to kick-start the momentum.”

– Dayle Eshelby, Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) Coordinator, Town of Lockeport, NS Canada

“Storm – it was great meeting you last week, and your speech at the Union Club of Cleveland was fabulous!”

– Gregory B. West, Vice President, Colliers Ostendorf-Morris

“I just wanted to thank you again for your outstanding job as Keynote Speaker at our National Symposium in Halifax. You set the tone and context for one of our best events to date…a sentiment that was expressed by many participants on the symposium evaluation forms.” – Julian Patteson, Commissioner, Buildings & Property Management, City of Brampton, ON, and Executive Committee Member & Past Chair, National Executive Forum on Public Property

“Storm: You were a great hit, and your message fit perfectly with where our
organization wants to head in the coming years. I was very happy when
two of the elected officials at the conference announced to the entire
audience that they had never before taken so many notes from a keynote
.” –
Gabriella Kalapos,Outreach Director, Clean Air Partnership, Toronto, ON Canada

Dear Storm: Thank you for helping to make our annual conference, this one focused on the revitalization of Jerusalem–such a huge success. Everyone told me after the 2-day event that yours was by far their favorite presentation–both entertaining and useful–and they congratulated me for having hired you. In fact, planners from several other cities and organizations said they are going to invite you back to give the same talk to their local leaders. You did create one problem for us, though: our conference usually attracts 300 registrants, but this one drew over 400. So, many people had to stand in the back of the auditorium. I’m sure your presence on the program had much to do with creating that ‘problem’ for us. Amos Brandeis, Chairman, Israel Planners Association

Storm: I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful presentation on Friday. You certainly took Oshawa (and half of Durham Region) by storm!! Mayor John Gray–plus our business, economic development, city management, and planning leaders–were full of praise for the highly practical ideas, tools, and visionary examples you presented so effectively. The feedback has been incredibly positive. Suzanne Elston, Senior Environmental Coordinator, City of Oshawa, ON Canada

Today, political representatives from municipalities across the GTA gathered to discuss what they are doing to reduce carbon emissions at the 10th Annual Smog Summit held at Toronto City Hall. After an informative and inspiring keynote address by green economy expert Storm Cunningham, mayors and city councilors from Toronto, York, Halton and Peel Regions shared the steps their cities have taken to fight climate change in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area].
– from article by reporter Meghan Housley in June 3, 2009 issue of NewsFix full article

Thank you for your performance yesterday! I received very positive feedback from Discover America members regarding your tailored, thought-provoking presentation. You successfully challenged us to see how the travel industry can flourish in this economic crisis through strategic restoration and revitalization. This revelation of renewal could not have come at a better time, and will certainly help our audience to think beyond the bounds of ‘business as usual’ and to stay ahead of the curve. I’m very happy the U.S. Commercial Service recom-mended you to us. Chris Robinson,

Storm’s keynote was exactly what our ‘Growing Up Healthy and Green’ conference’s audience of early childhood educators wanted and needed. His talk was loaded with dramatic, solid evidence of trends leading to a better, healthier world, not to mention a wealth of wonderful slides. Teachers are desperate for good news they can offer students. Our kids are constantly bombarded with projections of a depressing economic, social, and environmental future. That’s got to be emotionally and spiritually damaging for children and adults alike. Storm’s talk offered the most effective “anti-depressant” imaginable. The fact that he constantly had us laughing put icing on a delicious “cake”. – Mary Fisher, Chair, Early Childhood Education, Seneca College, Toronto, ON, Canada

Thank you Storm: that was a great talk…a big part in the conference’s success! It was awesome that your talk incorporated our afternoon sessions. Also, [politician] was so interested in your talk that she stayed beyond the time she had allotted – she was supposed to be at another big meeting, but postponed leaving until after your talk was complete! – Alisha Chauhan, Credit Valley Conservation Authority, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Thank you for your excellent presentation at the EDABC conference. All (attendees) report are that both your presentation and your workshop were great. – Dale Wheeldon, Executive Director

Economic Development Association of British Columbia

Thank you for a fantastic presentation! Time just flew by.” – Lorien Henson, Project Manager, 30 Days of Sustainability (Vancouver, BC)

Engaging, entertaining, and informative! Storm is a captivating speaker who–within the space of a single hour–can greatly increase a community’s capacity for rapid-but-sustainable growth. He provides public and private leaders with powerful tools for turning redevelopment ideas into funded, partnered projects. – Todd Latham, Publisher, ReNew Canada magazine.

[Note from Storm: I strongly urge public and private leaders all around the world to subscribe to ReNew Canada magazine. While much of its content is focused on Canada, virtually all of its articles are of great value to communities anywhere. I consider it the best restoration economy periodical on the planet.]

Storm Cunningham’s presentation at the Green and Growing Summit in Buffalo, NY received an excellent rating from participants. His approach was accessible and insightful. The message of the power of restoration was well received and became a running theme through the remainder of the summit. Attendees were asked what they found most memorable and stimulating about the summit, and the most common answer was Storm’s presentation on revitalization. – Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker, VP, Program Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Dear Storm: We were so pleased that you were able to speak to the Construction Writers Association at our recent 3-day Washington DC meeting at the National Press Club. The results of our evaluations are in, and you were our highest rated speaker. – Sheila Wertz, Executive Director, Construction Writers Association

Storm is a truly inspiring lecturer. His talk was wonderfully composed and he speaks so seamlessly. Matthew Macioge, Graduate Student (Architecture), The University of Texas at Austin

In spotting and documenting the broad, global socio-economic trend that is restoring our built and natural environments, Storm Cunningham has accomplished something all futurists strive to do: he has developed a deep understanding of a significant trend that affects everyone today, and will likely affect them to a even greater extent in the decades to come. In his book, articles, and lectures, he shows how much good has already been accomplished by countless restoration, remediation, and redevelopment projects, and he shows what we can do to ensure a cleaner, brighter future. Ken Harris, Secretary & Board Member, World Future Society; and Chairman of The Consilience Group.

Storm: You did a terrific job at the Governor’s Restoration Forum , and we are all grateful for your fine work.” – Jim Burchfield, Associate Dean, College of Forestry & Conservation, University of Montana.

Storm: Thank you so much for all that you did for our Brownfields Workshop. The success of the Workshop was due in large part to your efforts. You put our local issues–and our specialized brownfields focus–into a larger, very valuable context that only you could have provided.” – John W. Sutherlin,PhD., Professor, Department of Government, University of Louisiana, Monroe, LA

We received such great comments on your plenary presentation (which showed) participants what it will take to move toward economic prosperity. – Billy Ray Hall, President, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center, about Storm’s keynote at their Rural Partners Forum, attended by over 500 community leaders.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your lecture and the work you are doing. I found myself saying yes, yes, YES! as you layered one dimension of revitalization on another. It is very encouraging to see how you have brought the different disciplines together under one central theme. – Jonathan Baylis, Instructor, Douglas College, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada about an event organized by the Dean of Science & Technology for students and faculty.

Thanks very much for your exciting, inspiring keynote at EnviroExpo in Boston’s World Trade Center. This was our 14th annual conference, and the attendees were thrilled to learn of such huge and important new trends. The use of powerful images and appropriate humor underscored your vital message beautifully. – Bob Higgins, EnviroExpo Conference Director

Your keynote address at our Land Development Conference in Baltimore was a perfect blend of offering revealing new national and global trends in the area of revitalization, excellent examples of recent redevelopment and restoration projects, and putting our entire conference within an interesting and crucial new context. – Michael Scheibach, Ph.D., Managing Director, Conferences & Expositions (ZweigWhite)

Our regional group of business, political, & economic development leaders loved Storm’s presentation. His blend of historical perspective, current trends, & fascinating examples from around the globe opened our minds to tremendous growth opportunities sitting right under our noses. Storm’s enthusiasm for his topic, combined with his energetic & interactive style, makes him a great speaker for almost any audience. His presentation has already made a difference here in Charleston. John L. Knott, Jr. CEO, The Noisette Company, leader of the largest sustainable urban redevelopment project in the U.S., (& sponsor of the Restorative Development Leadership Luncheon at the exclusive Charleston Harbour Club.

As expected, you delivered a dynamite presentation to our Water Resources Team. Your insights and understanding of the remediation and restorative market sectors helped focus our team efforts as we begin our business planning preparations. Your talk helped clarify the issues surrounding restorative development and gave many of our team new language tools with which to engage our clients. All of us came away with a clearer perception of how Weston’s core competencies can contribute to–and profit from these important economic development trends. I look forward to working with you for many years to come.” – Joe R. Miller, Colonel, US Army Corps of Engineers(Retired), Sr. Client Service Manager, Water Resources Weston Solutions, Inc.

Storm’s visionary perspective was very refreshing and enlightening to our audience of industry executives, who work primarily in pollution control and site cleanups. Environmental engineering–and many other industries–can benefit greatly from the restoration economy, as portrayed so engagingly by Storm.

Grant Ferrier, CEO, Environmental Industry Summit;Publisher, Environmental Business Journal

Storm – The workshop was a big hit! Thanks for all your support.

Steve Emmett-Mattox, Vice President, Restore America’s Estuaries, regarding a special pre-conference workshop requiring separate registration, generating thousands of dollars in extra revenue for the National Conference on Coastal & Estuarine Habitat Restoration, Seattle, WA

(Storm Cunningham is) a visionary in restoring communities and natural resources. Grant Davis, Executive Director, Bay Institute, after hearing Storm speak at San Francisco’s famed Commonwealth Club

Dear Storm: Thank you for your outstanding talk to our World Future Society members. Your presentation was consistently rated as one of our best, and you really got our members thinking differently about the future of the world. I evaluate hundreds–if not thousands–of articles about the future, and there is an awful lot of repetition. Your work represents a truly new way of looking at global development… fresh ideas that nobody else is contributing to the whole sustainability debate. It was great to see someone in obvious mastery of their material. We look forward to having you back again! – Eric Garland, professional futurist for global corporations and government agencies, and Past President of the Washington DC chapter of the World Future Society. He is author of the upcoming book, “The Busy Executive’s Guide to the Future“.

You did a great job for us at the symposium and we’ve had lots of positive comments regarding your session. Here are two typical comments about your keynote address (from the conference evaluation forms): ‘Super!’ & ‘I really enjoyed Storm’s presentation – very positive instead of typical gloom and doom.’ Thank you! – Sue Barnes, Steering Committee Member, South Carolina Environmental Symposium (an annual event sponsored by Santee Cooper, South Carolina’s public power utility)

Your presentations at our international workshops continually get rave reviews! Your “restoration economy” concept really grabs these development experts, no matter what country they are from. Whether they are primarily focused on the economy, or on the environment, your message has universal appeal, generating excited–and very valuable–dialogue.

Joanne Clark, Meridian International Center, Washington, DC

Dear Storm: Thanks very much for your fine presentation on the restoration economy here last month. Our members appreciated hearing your important message! – Karen Lewand, Executive Director, American Institute of Architects-Baltimore

Storm’s presentation helped us see project management in a new light: as a tool to be applied to a transcendent purpose, changing the world around us. Hopefully, we will see, as a result, not only a positive change in our world, but also a change in the way project management professionals apply their skills and knowledge to the challenges of a world in crisis. – Russell M. Richards, President, PMI Silver Spring, a chapter of the Project Management Institute.

"Storm is the world's Renewal Process Planner, helping places revitalize and regenerate their economic, social, heritage, built, and natural realms together."