As publisher of Revitalization News Storm is on top of the latest trends in urban / rural regeneration, nature restoration, and economic resilience.
As a speaker and trainer, he connects individuals, institutions & communities to opportunities & resources in the $3 trillion global restoration economy.
As a consultant, Storm helps technologists, financiers, policymakers and philanthropists create products, services, and strategies that rebuild our world.

Resilient Prosperity Service

Want Resilient Prosperity For Your City and Region?
Bring Storm to your area for 1 week/quarter for a year to diagnose your situation.
The result is a customized Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Renewal Process.

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Does your community, company, non-profit, or foundation want to launch a local initiative for economic growth, regional cooperation, and/or natural resource restoration?

  • Do you want to explore ALL regenerative options, learning from the latest trends, successes, and leading-edge practices from around the world?
  • Do you want to create an effective public-public or public-private regional action partnership to achieve Resilient Prosperity?
  • Would you like to quickly move beyond designing and planning to create a comprehensive process for revitalization or resilience?

Whether your goal is economic revitalization, natural resource restoration, climate change adaptation, or disaster resilience (or all four), a comprehensive renewal process is your best path to the critical mass of resources and public support you’ll need to succeed. If you’ve read Storm Cunningham’s new Regenerative Strategy Guide, you know how important it is to have a proven process for managing this critical transition.

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Most communities and regions already have all the organizations and resources needed to achieve revitalization or resilience. But these assets aren’t organized into a comprehensive renewal process. Storm helps them do that.

As publisher of Revitalization News, the global journal of urban, rural, and environmental regeneration, Storm is uniquely positioned to be aware of the latest community renewal, economic resilience, and natural resource restoration practices and trends worldwide.

That awareness is what can set you on the path to Resilient Prosperity. You know your community and region: its assets, problems, and dreams. Storm will show you how similar places in similar situations have succeeded in remaking their present and future.

He’ll collaboratively help you create a comprehensive renewal process: vision, strategy, planning, policies, projects, partners, and ongoing program.

The goal is to produce the right action with sufficient funding and effective implementation. It can trigger renewal if your area is distressed, or boost resilience if it’s prosperous.

Resilient Prosperity is a one-year “jump start” process. In effect, you will be hiring Storm as your temporary Revitalization Director. He will spend one week per quarter in your community or organization for one year.

The Resilient Prosperity service quickly gets your stakeholders “on the same page”. Storm comes to you, doing talks, leadership workshops, project consultations, and research.

Regional Partnership PlanA few weeks after the fourth visit, Storm will send you your custom Resilient Prosperity Plan, comprising a process analysis to provide the perspective and understanding needed to create healthy, sustainable economic growth.

In just 1 week per quarter for 1 year, Storm can help you get your entire region “on the same page” regarding revitalization and/or resilience.

All of your leaders and partnering organizations can get up to speed on the latest policies, tools, and strategies for creating secure, inclusive, green growth.

And, he’ll help you hire and train a full-time Regional Revitalization Director (or whatever title you choose), if desired.

How the service works:

RESILIENT-PROSPERITY1You’re no doubt familiar with the practice of corporate leadership retreats, whereby executives go to a remote location to refresh their thinking.

They often bring in leading-edge thinkers and workshop facilitators to get them up to speed on trends that might threaten their firm’s future, or that might offer new growth opportunities.


Storm doing series of workshops for leaders from 30 nations conducted via a multi-year contract with U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC.

The Resilient Prosperity service could be thought of as a series of retreats, only the retreat comes to you. During each week, he’ll do public presentations, leadership workshops, and individual consultations with leaders from your government agencies, community foundation, schools, non-profits, banks, employers, real estate developers, etc. If you choose the 4-week series, you can spread the four weeks over whatever time period matches your local needs: all four in one year, annually over four years, or a schedule or your choosing.

Storm will come to your town or city for one week at a time. From Monday through Friday, he’ll join local meetings, providing insights and inspiration.

He’ll also do one public keynote and one leadership workshop per week, if desired. If you’ve recently hired a prosperity, revitalization, or resilience director, this program can be used to mentor him/her, so they get off to a great start.

Your Investment

Each 1-week visit to your community is just $16,000 (plus travel expenses).

Buy 3 weeks, get 1 week free:
You don’t need to commit to the entire series of four visits, if you don’t want to. But you can reduce Storm’s hourly rate to just $300 by prepaying $48,000 for 3 weeks. This gives you a 4th week free, saving you an additional $16,000.

Just a small increase in its efficiency and efficacy of your planning, economic development, and redevelopment budgets will easily pay for this small up-front investment in proper preparation.

Tight Budget? Design the program to be self-funding:

Don’t have sufficient funding to cover the entire cost of the Resilient Prosperity service? The first visit can be designed to recruit public or private partners to fund the remaining three visits. Those subsequent visits will be postponed until your resources have been secured, with no obligation to continue if sponsor recruitment does not succeed.

Why do you need a comprehensive renewal process?
Why Storm Cunningham? 15 years of regenerative experience worldwide.

Who would pay for your Resilient Prosperity service?

  • Private Developer: Launching a major redevelopment project or public-private partnership? Encourage the developer to pay for your Resilient Prosperity program as a community service. This is not purely altruism on their part. Developers want your local economy to grow and be resilient: it boosts property values, which enhances their investments.
  • TIF district: If your city hopes to attract private redevelopment via tax increment financing, the Resilient Prosperity fee could come from TIF funds (consult your attorney, as state laws differ). This helps ensure that revitalization of the TIF district revitalizes the entire community to the greatest degree possible.
  • Public Funds: Most public funds are siloed, focused on a specific type of asset (like brownfields or infrastructure), a specific activity (such as planning or public works), or a specific department (such as a redevelopment agency or the mayor’s office). All are relevant to revitalization.
  • Philanthropy: A local company, individual, or foundation (public, private, or community) that cares about the future of your area might be the quickest source of Resilient Prosperity funding.

To Recap:

  • Your first week is just $16,000, and there’s no obligation to continue beyond that if you’re not delighted with the results.
  • Or, save $16,000 by enrolling in a 4-week series for just $48,000: Buy 3 and the 4th week is free. You can schedule each week to match your own pace: it need not be quarterly if you prefer to spread the process over a longer period. Storm’s travel expenses are extra.

To Enroll:

Email Storm at, or call him at 1-202-684-6815 (Washington, DC).
After a mutually-compatible date for the first week is agreed upon, he’ll email you an invoice, and your journey to a more secure, inclusive, green economy will begin.


Call (1-202-684-6815) or email Storm to confirm availability of your desired dates.
If you are a government agency, you can pay via check or Purchase Order.
If you are a private individual, company, or non-profit wishing to sponsor this service, you can pay the $48,000 via check or wire transfer. Or, if you wish to make 12 monthly payments of $4000, you can use either credit card (“Pay with Card“) or PayPal (“Subscribe“). Making the first payment automatically schedules the subsequent 11 payments (which can be cancelled at any time). We can schedule all 4 quarterly visits in advance if you wish, but each visit will only take place after the relevant 3 payments are made.

CONFIDENTIALITY: As an author, public speaker, and magazine publisher, Storm will not reveal that he is working with you, nor will he talk or write about his experience working with you, unless you give him permission to do so. He is aware of the various political and economic dangers of announcing revitalization efforts too early (such as real estate speculation).Hernando de Soto Bridge - Memphis Tennessee at night

"Storm is the world's Renewal Process Planner, helping places revitalize and regenerate their economic, social, heritage, built, and natural realms together."