As publisher of Revitalization News Storm is on top of the latest trends in urban / rural regeneration, nature restoration, and economic resilience.
As a speaker and trainer, he connects individuals, institutions & communities to opportunities & resources in the $3 trillion global restoration economy.
As a consultant, Storm helps technologists, financiers, policymakers and philanthropists create products, services, and strategies that rebuild our world.

Fees, Terms, & Contact Info

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TALKS: $5000 (up to 1 hour, plus Q&A if desired)

WORKSHOPS: $7500 (3 hours)

POWER COMBO: $9500 (save $3000)   1-hour public keynote, plus (next day) 3-hour leadership workshop.

CONSULTING: $400/hr (10-hour minimum retainer)

All fees are in U.S. dollars, and are plus expenses.
Discounts available for small non-profits, schools, etc.
Email Storm or call 1-202-684-6815 (Washington, DC).

Terms and Policies for Talks and Workshops:

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date.
    Balance due upon Storm’s arrival at event. Purchase Orders accepted from government agencies.

    • Please note that your engagement date is not confirmed until the deposit is actually received. Dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Discounted talks must be paid in full, in advance (no 50% deposit).
    • 10% discount for full-price engagements if paid in full upon booking.
    • The non-refundable deposit is, of course, refundable in the case that Storm doesn’t show up for an event, through no fault of the client. (Storm has NEVER failed to appear on time for an engagement.)
  • For non-English-speaking audiences, simultaneous interpretation is required; sequential interpretation is not acceptable.
  • Storm’s PowerPoint presentations are proprietary, and contain material licensed from others, so copies are not available. However, graphics owned by Storm are freely downloadable for your non-commercial use here.
  • Storm does not travel on the day of a presentation, so hotel accommodations the night before–and the night of–a presentation are a necessary minimum.
  • Storm prefers to fly on Star Alliance airlines, unless these are unavailable.
It’s highly recommended that you allocate at least a full hour for Storm’s keynotes, as he covers an astonishing spectrum of trends, concepts, and photos. But, he’ll work within whatever time slot is available.

Helpful suggestion:
Storm’s presentations are loaded with gorgeous, high-resolution photos of places coming back to life. Your audience will get more out of his talk/workshop if you provide the brightest projector and largest screen you can obtain.
to book an appearance, or to discuss your event’s needs.
Or, call Storm on his office line at 1-202-684-6815.
"Storm is the world's Renewal Process Planner, helping places revitalize and regenerate their economic, social, heritage, built, and natural realms together."