As publisher of Revitalization News Storm is on top of the latest trends in urban / rural regeneration, nature restoration, and economic resilience.
As a regenerative educator, he connects careers, institutions & communities to opportunities & resources in the $3 trillion global restoration economy.
As a speaker, Storm helps non-profits, businesses, and cities overcome silos, pessimism, partisanship, lethargy and complexity to achieve revitalization.

The original regenerative economist helps leaders, professionals, & students worldwide understand:
1) the proven process for revitalizing places; 2) their strategic role within that process.
Storm is the keynoter, workshop leader and transition planner you need to connect your audience
to the latest trends and techniques for harmonious, resilient, responsible community redevelopment.


Storm is the world’s cheerleader and guru for resilient, revitalized futures. And who
knows more about creating effective teams and strategies than a former Green Beret?
Michael Scott

New Talk – Working Together For Renewal: Community revitalization is the ultimate non-partisan agenda.
New Talk – Renewal Rules: What corporate leaders can learn about growth from urban revitalization and ecological restoration.
New Workshop – Revitalization Without (unnecessary) Gentrification: How to revive a place with minimum pain and maximum gain.
New Workshop – How To Form A Comprehensive Redevelopment Process: Vision, strategy, policies, plan, projects, partnerships & program.



In 2002, Storm’s landmark first book, The Restoration Economy, helped launch the global regeneration trend.

His 2008 book, reWealth, revealed how communities use restorative development to revitalize.

His 3rd book (November 2017) is Planetary Renewal: A Strategy To Reverse Our Decline.
It reveals a proven method of addressing poverty, resource depletion and climate change that funds and integrates the regeneration of farms, nature, heritage and cities.

3 Sample Talks/Workshops

Based in Washington DC, Storm does Inspiring talks for general audiences, and How To for planners, economic developers, and mayors worldwide.

His silo-busting keynotes can focus on water, housing, job growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, downtowns, brownfields, heritage, fisheries, climate adaptation, social justice, ecology, or education.

Sustainable YOU
Regional Conference

March 22-23, 2016
Tallahassee, Florida

City of Tallahassee

Historic Preservation
Summer School

July 21, 2016
Frederick, Maryland

Preservation Maryland

Sustainability, Resiliency and Economic Opportunities

October 20, 2016
Metropolitan Washington
Council of Governments (DC)


Leaders in Energy +
Resilient Virginia



Struggling for momentum?  Your development policies might need an overhaul.
Get leading-edge revitalization Policy Recommendations and a
Regional Action Partnership Strategy to fund and implement them.

Storm will come to you, 1 week/quarter for a year, to create customized recommendations for you.

Regional Partnership Plan  

Just as a downtown can't revitalize in isolation from its suburbs, so too does a community have trouble revitalizing when not integrated with its region. But many regions lack an appropriate government entity to lead renewal. Public-public and public-private partnerships are the answer.


But policy support is crucial. Whether your goal is economic revitalization, natural resource restoration, climate change adaptation, or disaster resilience (or all four), a coordinated policies and a regional action partnership are your best path to success. Storm will collaboratively work with you to develop policy recommendations that fit your resources, assets, challenges, and goals.


The ideal is a comprehensive renewal process: vision, strategy, planning, policies, projects, partners, and ongoing program. It triggers renewal if your area is distressed, or boosts resilience if it's prosperous.

Do you need a renewal strategy and comprehensive process? Read this.


Storm Cunningham
My mission is to help reverse poverty, biodiversity loss, and climate change by shifting the world's economy
to a resilient growth model based primarily on regenerating our cities, farmlands, and natural resources.

I've been doing this full-time since book, talk, issue of Revitalization News, and community at a time.
My focus has been on scalable, holistic, universally-applicable renewal processes (see my Resilience Strategy Guide).
I now seek enlightened national and global policy or business leaders to take this work to the planetary level.
Is that you?   If so, please email me, and let's get started.  --  Storm Cunningham
(August, 2016)
Lindsey Davis
"Most professionals specialize in only part of the complex community revitalization process. Incomplete efforts usually create messy, expensive, demoralizing failures. Few specialists understand how to bring a place back to life with a holistic approach. If anyone understands the complete revitalization process, it's Storm Cunningham. He's spent over a decade rigorously studying successes and failures worldwide. He can look at a community, regional, or organizational regeneration or redevelopment process, and quickly spot what's wrong...what's missing." - Lindsey Davis, MPA, MCRP -- Planner, Ayers Saint Gross (urban innovation/analysis), Baltimore, MD, USA Contributor: What Weekly Magazine and Changing Media, Twitter: @TheGoodPlan

Mayors & Redevelopers: Need help communicating a good-but-ambitious project to the public?

Storm can enhance your presentation by showing how it taps global trends, how similar projects succeeded elsewhere, & more.

"I love helping public & private stakeholders work more effectively and harmoniously for resilient community prosperity.
This is best achieved via a comprehensive process for renewing downtowns, suburbs, heritage, jobs, natural resources, & rural areas.
I help community foundations, non-profits, governments, schools, & redevelopers worldwide.  How may I help you?"
 -  Storm


Call 1-202-684-6815 or email to schedule Storm for your next event or project.

"Storm is the world's Renewal Process Planner, helping places revitalize and regenerate their economic, social, heritage, built, and natural realms together."