Many experts renew nature, water, energy, heritage, jobs, housing, infrastructure, farms, & brownfields.  Storm helps them all ignite RESILIENT PROSPERITY.   Learn how to build equitable urban, rural, or regional economic growth that increases quality of life & environmental health.

New Talk - Rural Revitalization: Big solutions for small places with tiny budgets.
New Talk - Laughing Our Way to Resilient Prosperity: A funny (& sad) photographic look at how cities break—and fix—themselves.
New Workshop - Restorative Sprawl: Funding & building new suburbs/cities that restore watersheds, biodiversity, & farmlands.

Local “retreats” for a more secure, inclusive, green economy.

resilient prosperity
Is your community, county, state, or country ready to launch or expand a resilience and/or revitalization effort? Is your firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program ready to take a more proactive approach to improving your local community’s future? The Resilient Prosperity program helps you trigger renewal if your area is distressed, or add resilience if your area is prosperous.

Resilient Prosperity is a “community retreat”, designed to get all local stakeholders “on the same page” to create a more secure, inclusive, green local economy. Storm comes to your community to do public talks, leadership workshops, project consultations, and more. Read this draft of Storm’s new Resilient Prosperity guide for a taste of the program’s content. Learn More.

Storm’s Next Book

Inspire hope, innovation, & action: Give your audience a peek into Storm’s 3rd book (coming 2015).

FIXERS: New Leaders for Broken Times

Fixers renew damaged pieces of our cities, farmlands, & nature…despite today’s climate of uncertainty.
Learn how to attract Fixers to your area, support them, grow your own, or become one yourself.
The key missing-but-emerging profession? Revitalizing places as a whole.
Everyone wants revitalization, but few communities, regions, or nations understand it, budget for it, or manage it. They just do renewal projects, hoping revitalization will magically appear. In the absence of a focused Revitalization Director or Revitalization System, communities cope using Adaptive RenewalHere are just 3 adaptive practices:
1) Tapping all 3 leadership modes simultaneously (top-down, bottom-up, and impromptu) (adapting for resilience) ;
2) Using “crowd technologies” that bypass the need for up-front financial or institutional support (adapting for speed) ;
3) Repurposing, reusing, and/or reconnecting assets to revitalize using what they already have (adapting for practicality) .
You’ll enjoy stories of individual and institutional Fixers using 2 types of fixes: catalytic (project) and cohesive (program/policies).
FIXERS reveals efficient new ways to regenerate organizations, communities, green infrastructure, local food networks, transit, jobs, & more.
An emerging breed of leader—public & private—creates Fixer-Friendly communities. They govern for a restoration economy, fixing a world that is more broken—environmentally, economically, and politically—than ever before in human history (a period scientists call the Anthropocene Epoch).
Today’s crises spawn innovations, like restorative philanthropy and Open Source Redevelopment, as Fixers remake our planet, and our future.


In 2002, The Restoration Economy
was the first book to document the 8 growth industries restoring our natural and built environments.

In 2008, reWealth, was the first book to document a proven process for community revitalization.

In 2015, FIXERS will document how effective leaders revitalize their organizations, cities, and our world by creatively reusing what's no longer working, turning problems into assets.
Lindsey Davis
"Most professionals specialize in only part of the complex community revitalization process. Incomplete efforts usually create messy, expensive, demoralizing failures. Few specialists understand how to bring a place back to life with a holistic approach. If anyone understands the complete revitalization process, it's Storm Cunningham. He's spent over a decade rigorously studying successes and failures worldwide. He can look at a community, regional, or organizational regeneration or redevelopment process, and quickly spot what's wrong...what's missing." - Lindsey Davis, MPA, MCRP -- Planner, Ayers Saint Gross (urban innovation and community analysis), Baltimore, Maryland, USA Contributor: What Weekly Magazine and Changing Media, Twitter: @TheGoodPlan


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