As publisher of Revitalization News Storm perceives the latest trends in urban / rural regeneration, natural resource restoration, and economic
resilience worldwide.  As a speaker, he helps places overcome lethargy, pessimism, partisanship, and silos when launching renewal efforts.

Want to spark local enthusiasm for historic preservation, brownfields redevelopment, nature restoration, infrastructure renewal, sustainability, or economic/climate resilience?   Storm is the revitalizing catalyst you need.
He has been an Economic Resilience Planner for cities and regions worldwide since 2002.


Storm is the world’s cheerleader and guru for resilient, revitalized futures. And who
knows more about creating effective teams and strategies than a former Green Beret?
Michael Scott

Recent Talk – How To Create A Local Restoration Economy: You’ve got the the right ingredients. Do you have the right recipe?
Recent Talk – Revitalizing Organizations: What leaders & managers can learn from cities & ecosystems about renewing growth.
Recent Workshop – Creating A Fail-Safe Future: Does your community have a comprehensive revitalization process, or just a plan?
Recent Workshop – Revitalizing Politics: Creating a nonpartisan, renewal-based mayoral or gubernatorial strategy & platform.



In 2002, Storm’s landmark first book, The Restoration Economy, helped launch the global regeneration trend.

His 2008 book, reWealth, revealed how communities use restorative development to revitalize.

Storm has helped schools raise millions of dollars to endow new chairs and launch new institutes.
His 3rd book, Revitalizing Careers (2017), is for students, teachers, and job seekers who wish to repurpose, renew, and reconnect our depleted, fragmented world for a living.

3 Samples of Past / Future Talks or Workshops

Based in Washington DC, Storm does Inspiring talks for general audiences, and How To for planners, developers, Chambers of Commerce, mayors, etc.
He keynotes events globally on jobs, energy, housing, transit, ecology, economy, agriculture, downtowns, brownfields, heritage, fisheries, water, social justice, and climate adaptation.

3 Australian Urban Planning
and Green Building Events

Sept. 8 and Sept. 24, 2015
Sydney, New South Wales
Sept. 11, 2015
Perth, Western Australia

Planning Institute of Australia
Green Building Council of Australia

Sustainable YOU
Regional Conference

March 22-23, 2016
Tallahassee, Florida

City of Tallahassee

Historic Preservation
Summer School

July 21, 2016
Frederick, Maryland

Preservation Maryland

Does Your City/Region have a Comprehensive Revitalization Process?

Hire Storm as your temporary Revitalization Director, 1 week/quarter for 1 year.

Process Analysis

Storm started researching his first book, The Restoration Economy, in 1996. Since it was published in 2002, he has been a full-time process adviser to restoration and revitalization efforts in communities and regions worldwide. He also publishes Revitalization News.


He is thus aware of the full spectrum of urban/rural renewal and environmental restoration activities around the world. That awareness is what can set you on the path to Resilient Prosperity. You know your community: its assets, problems, and dreams. Storm will show you how similar places in similar situations have succeeded---and how others failed---to achieve similar aspirations.


He'll research and write a custom plan for a comprehensive local revitalization process: vision, strategy, planning, policies, projects, partnerships, and ongoing program. He can help you trigger renewal if your area is distressed, or boost resilience if it's prosperous. As your "Temporary Revitalization Director", he'll help you hire and train a permanent one, if desired


Do you need a revitalization strategy and process? Read this.




     NEW: Native American / First Nations Revitalization Assistance.

4 Do your people want to grow jobs and skills that restore natural resources and cultural heritage? This free service can help kickstart the renewal of your tribe’s economy, society, & environment.

Storm will do a collaborative 2-day workshop in your community, pro bono, to facilitate a renewal strategy. After, he will help connect you to appropriate partners, grants, and educational resources (also pro bono). Two of these free (you only pay for Storm's travel expenses) programs are offered annually.

Email Storm to set up a time to discuss your tribe’s situation.

Lindsey Davis
"Most professionals specialize in only part of the complex community revitalization process. Incomplete efforts usually create messy, expensive, demoralizing failures. Few specialists understand how to bring a place back to life with a holistic approach. If anyone understands the complete revitalization process, it's Storm Cunningham. He's spent over a decade rigorously studying successes and failures worldwide. He can look at a community, regional, or organizational regeneration or redevelopment process, and quickly spot what's wrong...what's missing." - Lindsey Davis, MPA, MCRP -- Planner, Ayers Saint Gross (urban innovation/analysis), Baltimore, MD, USA Contributor: What Weekly Magazine and Changing Media, Twitter: @TheGoodPlan



"I love helping public and private stakeholders work more effectively and harmoniously for resilient community prosperity.
This is best achieved via a comprehensive renewal process (vision, strategy, plan, projects, partnerships, policies, and ongoing program)
that regenerates the economy, downtown, suburbs, heritage, natural resources, and agricultural areas together.
I've worked with community foundations, non-profits, government agencies, schools, and redevelopers in over a dozen countries.
May I assist your urban or regional revitalization effort next?" - Storm Cunningham

Call 1-202-684-6815 or email to schedule Storm for your next event or project.

"Storm is the world's Renewal Process Planner, helping places revitalize and regenerate their economic, social, heritage, built, and natural realms together."